Naturopathy is traditional and evidence-based medicine that uses herbal remedies, nutrition, detoxification, nutritional supplements, flower essences and lifestyle advice to assist the body back to health. Traditional knowledge of plant medicine, nutrition and natural living is combined with current evidence from clinical health trials to provide a tool box of approaches to stimulate your body’s self-healing ability.

Naturopathy uses a variety of testing methods to help evaluate the body status such as naturopathic pathology tests (saliva, urine and stool testing), hair mineral analysis for metal and mineral status, food and chemical sensitivity panels, iridology, tongue diagnosis, questionnaires and kinesiology. Margot uses kinesiology muscle testing, to support the choice of remedies and supplements.

A comprehensive case history is taken at the first Naturopathic session in order to gain a holistic picture of your life and factors that may be contributing to your current health condition. This includes your physical body, lifestyle, mind and emotions, environment, your energetic anatomy and diet. Naturopathy works alongside you, your doctor and other natural medicine practitioners to create a plan for your wellbeing.


Pathology Testing

Pathology testing is available either through your doctor or a Naturopathic pathology laboratory. Naturopathic laboratories carry out cardiovascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal, immunological (including allergy and sensitivity testing), nutritional and neurological analyses through urine, saliva and stool samples. A test kit is sent to your home and the samples are delivered to the Naturopathic pathology service in New Zealand.


Iridology is the study of the iris which reveals the state of the tissues of the whole body. It can indicate tissue inflammation, the state of body tissue, constitutional strength, inherent weaknesses and the stage of health. It offers a unique look into the inner environment of the body. The iris is studied through a magnifying glass or a picture taken with an iridology camera.

Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair mineral analysis is a laboratory test that measures the mineral composition of your hair. This provides information on the mineral status in your body tissues and on heavy metal toxicity in the body. A blood test indicates the level of minerals circulating around the body via the blood stream. However, it does not give a picture of the mineral levels in the body tissues. A hair mineral analysis is therefore necessary to indicate possible mineral imbalances or the presence of toxic elements in the body that may be contributing to a health condition.

Kinesiology Muscle Testing

Kinesthetic Resonance is a very subtle form of kinesiology muscle testing. Rather than using force, it requires the tester to tune in to the energy of the person they are testing in order to detect subtle muscle changes in response to different substances.

Chocolate Medicine - Chocolate Synergy Fudge

This recipe contains the anti-inflammatory foods, turmeric and coconut oil. Turmeric has been shown to be better absorbed with black pepper. Chocolate has the perfect balance of calcium and magnesium. Enjoy this delicious food medicine!

• Gently melt 200g of high quality dark chocolate, at least 70%, along with 300g of virgin coconut oil. 
• Once melted, add in 35g of turmeric and 5g of ground black pepper. 
• Pour into a shallow container and put in the freezer.