Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing?
Energy healing is a holistic, non-invasive practice that activates your body’s subtle energy systems; clearing, repairing and balancing your energy bodies to facilitate health in your physical body.

Our energy bodies are multi-dimensional and include: the layers of the aura (the etheric, emotional, astral, mental, etheric template, celestial and ketheric template bodies); the chakras; electro-magnetic bodies; meridians; the hara dimension; our core star; the 12 Tree Grid and other dimensional parts of ourselves.

We live in an energetic matrix with the people in our lives and those matrices can be cleared and healed much the same as in an individual. The relationships in our lives with family, friends and colleagues also have an energetic component.

There may for example, be unhealthy cord attachments or boundaries between people with emotional patterns of interference (this can be inter-generational). Energy healing can assist by detaching these unhealthy cords, dissolving stuck energy or patterns and strengthening the midline boundary between people.

Energy healing is also available by distance and for animals.
Could Energy Healing help me?
Energy healing can help with a wide variety of health conditions and is particularly helpful for releasing trauma from accidents and physical, sexual or emotional abuse.
Examples of areas where energy healing is of help include:

  • Trauma release
  • Post-surgical rebalancing
  • Accidents and injuries that don’t seem to shift
  • Releasing stuck energy from car accidents
  • Pain release
  • Feeling of dissociation – for grounding
  • Behavioural issues
  • Releasing birth patterns
  • Emotional release
  • Soul retrieval
  • Repair to chakras and aura fibres - etheric surgery
  • Other lifetime work
  • Clearing blocked or unwanted energies and attachments
  • Realignment of the hara line
  • Reconnection to the core star
  • Activations

What can I expect from an Energy Healing Treatment?
An energy healing session lasts one hour and begins with a review of your case history. The treatment involves lying fully clothed on a table while your energy healer works, with their hands off your physical body, in the energy fields around your body.
Energy Healing is a subtle and relaxing treatment. Energy healers are sensitive to the subtle energies in your physical and energy bodies that may be stuck or out of balance.
Your energy healer will use higher sensory perception (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience) to perceive your energies and, through heart-centred stillness and observation, facilitate the repair of broken fibres, release any stuck energy and channel in healing energy.

This may include:

  • kinetic energy – possibly impacted in the physical body from a car accident
  • emotional energy – possibly from a childhood issue
  • stuck energy – possibly from birth trauma
  • energetic attachments
  • fractured parts of ourselves from trauma