What is an Activation?
An Activation brings coded light into our bodies to facilitate awakening. The coded light makes changes in our physiology, at the level of our DNA, allowing our body to be less dense and freeing our consciousness. It is an energetic upgrade that allows us to let go of limiting patterns in our lives and live more from our higher capacity.

There are different kinds of Activations you can ask for such as:

  • Light body
  • Chakras
  • DNA
  • Abundance/soul wealth
  • Third eye
  • Star seed (if you resonate with being part of the star families, this activation will help you know your life's mission as a star seed on planet earth)

What happens during an Activation?

During an Activation, you are guided into a visualization meditation that is specific to you. During this process, you will receive light that contains sound, geometry and codes that will work on your physiology to upgrade your frequencies. You may receive an Activation during an Energy Healing session or you can ask for a specific Activation session.